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Network Infrastructure

The following are some of my tips, articles, blog posts, presentations and other content on SSD. Keep in mind that the question should not be if SSD are in your future, rather when, where, with what, from whom and how much.
World backup day is time to test restore and data protection of data and other digital assets including photos images and documents.The post Data Protection Diaries: March 31 World Backup Day is Restore Data Test Time appeared first on StorageIOblog.
Not only is this the first appearance by Matt on the StorageIO Podcasts, it is also his first time as a guest on any podcast so I’m honored to host his global debut podcast appearance here. We talk about the role of automation for performance and capacity optimization along with how VMware vCOPs plays an important role.The post Matt Vogt of Computex talks VMware vCOPs in his first ever podcast appeared first on StorageIOblog.
Some recent industry activity has included Cisco announcing its Cloud intentions (e.g. more than simply selling servers and networking hardware).
Some of you might have heard of dark territories as a term used in days of old that refereed to parts of railroads or other transportation that were out of site with no command, control, monitoring or communications.Perhaps something that the tragedy of MH370 will remind us all is just how big this planet is, and not everything is connected or covered or monitored yet, or, at least that we know about or have access to.The post Missing MH370 should remind us, do you know where your digital assets are?
A few months back I was looking for a simple easy to use yet robust tool for accessing and managing my VMware environment from my iPhone. The reason being is that I don’t always like to carry a laptop or tablet around, not to mention neither fits in a pocket very well.
The current calendar which continues to be updated includes a mix of webinars (playback are available), and live events covering data infrastructure topics from cloud, virtual, physical and software defined across servers, storage I/O networking, SSD, performance, object storage and data protection among other related themes.The post Spring 2014 StorageIO Events and Activities Update appeared first on StorageIOblog.
If like me you are interested in FAST related technologies, trends, tools and related research, check out the conference proceedings with over 320 pages of material.The post USENIX FAST (File and Storage Technologies) 2014 Conference Proceedings appeared first on StorageIOblog.
Thus as this is a peoples choice process, I’m asking if you can take a few moments and cast your vote (thank you in advance) which I hope includes StorageIOblog.com as part of the top ten, in addition to being nominated in the Storage, Podcast and Independent blogger categoriesThe post Its Award Season: Time for 2014 top VMware and virtualization blog voting appeared first on StorageIOblog.
Some of you might be old school while others are may be new school or what ever is current trendy and cool. However new schoolers to become future or current schoolers can learn from the old schoolers.The post Old School, New School, Current and Back to School (With Poll) appeared first on StorageIOblog.
2013 wrapped up with a flurry of industry activity including some acquisitions (Avago buying LSI and Seagate acquiring Xyratex among others).
On the other hand, the current powers to be would lodge protest, change the benchmark or rules to stay in power, hmm, sound familiar with IT?The post Server Storage I/O Network Benchmark Winter Olympic Games appeared first on StorageIOblog.
Simply cutting cost at the price of reliability, availability, serviceability or performance is not an option for most environments.The post Removing complexity and cost to drive return on innovation the new ROI appeared first on StorageIOblog.
Is your company, organization or one that you are a fan of, or represent listed on the StorageIO industry links page?
Part II – Until the focus expands to data protection – What to do about it This is the second of a three-part series (read part I here) about how vendors are keeping backup alive, however what they can and should do to shift and expand the conversation to data protection and related themes. Modernizing […]


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