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Part II – Until the focus expands to data protection – What to do about it This is the second of a three-part series (read part I here) about how vendors are keeping backup alive, however what they can and should do to shift and expand the conversation to data protection and related themes. Modernizing […]
Until the focus expands to data protection, backup is staying alive! This is the first of a three-part series discussing how and why vendors are keeping backup alive, read part two here. Some vendors, Value Added Resellers (VARs), pundits (consultants, analysts, media, bloggers) and their followers want backup to not only be declared dead, they […]
Part III – Until the focus expands to data protection – Taking action This is the thrid of a three-part series (read part II here) about how vendors are keeping backup alive, however what they can and should do to shift and expand the conversation to data protection and related themes. Modernizing is more than […]
Blog post: Data Protection Diaries – My data protection needs and wants Rather than talking about what others should do or consider for their data protection needs, for this post I wrote down some notes using my Livescribe about what I need and want for my environment. As part of walking the talk in future […]
Welcome to the Data Protection Dairies www.dataprotectiondiaries.com This is a series of posts about data protection which includes security (logical and physical), backup/restore, business continuance (BC), disaster recovery (DR), business resiliency (BR) along with high availability (HA), archiving and related topic themes, technologies and trends. Think of data protection like protect, preserve and serve information […]
IT and data center sustainability convergence Recently Hailey Lynne McKeefry (@HaileyMcK), Editor in Chief over at Data Center Acceleration (@DataAccelerate) reached out for a conversation about well, data center themes and topics. Given Hailey’s background in covering technology as well as business supply chain we somehow ended up talking about business, IT and data center […]
Lenovo buys IBM’s xSeries x86 server business for $2.3B USD, what about EMC? Once again Lenovo is new owner of some IBM computer technology, this time by acquiring the x86 (e.g. xSeries) server business unit from big blue. Today Lenovo announced its plan to acquire the IBM x86 server storage business unit for $2.3B USD. […]
Securing your information assets and data, what about your storage? Recently I did a piece over at the site Information Security Buzz title How Secure Is Your Data Storage? that takes a cursory look at securing your digital assets from a storage perspective. Keep in mind that data protection can mean many things to different […]
Dell Inspiron 660 i660, Virtual Server Diamond in the rough? During the 2013 post thanksgiving black friday shopping day, I did some on-line buying including a Dell Inspiron 660 i660 (5629BK) to be used as a physical machine (PM) or VMware host (among other things). Now technically I know, this is a workstation or desktop […]
Book review: Rethinking Enterprise Storage – A Hybrid Cloud Model by Marc Farley The O’Reilly @oreillymedia media folks (oops, excuse me, Microsoft Press) sent me out (that’s a disclosure btw) an real soft cover print copy of Rethinking Enterprise Storage – A Hybrid Cloud Model by Marc Farley aka @MicroFarley of Microsoft/Storsimple that features a […]
Some Windows Server Storage I/O related commands The following are some commands and tools for Microsoft Windows environments that are useful for storage I/O activities (among others). Finding a Windows physical disk, SSD or storage system device name So you may know and how to find out the more familiar Windows storage device (Solid State […]
IoD, IoT, IoE, IoS, IoP, IoU and IoX are in your future Have you figured out the new buzzword trend for 2014 that starting ramping up in 2013? Yup, its Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Devices’s (IoD) Assuming that IoT, IoD and other variations catch on which looks like they will, this could […]
Good by 2013 and hello 2014 along with predictions past, present and future First, for those who may have missed this, thanks to all who helped make 2013 a great year! Looking back at 2013 I saw a continued trend of more vendors and their media public relations (PR) people reaching out to have their […]
Blog post: Small Medium Business (SMB) IT continues to gain respect, what about SOHO? Note that in Information Technology (IT) conversations there are multiple meanings for SMB including Server Message Block aka Microsoft Windows CIFS (Common Internet File System) along with its SAMBA implementation, however for this piece the context is Small Medium Business. A […]


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